Morning Mail! Who Else Is Rooting for Swebow?


Taylor (Photo credit: Jon Ovington)

Dear Ted:
Could it be true?! Tim Tebow and Taylor Swift spotted together? OMG, you’ve willed it to be true, Ted! Please please please tell me she really is a “good girl” like her image, because by all accounts he really is a good guy and I’d hate to see him wrapped up in Hollywood biz if it will warp him!

Dear 2 Peas in a Preachy Pod:
Maybe The Secret is real, babe! ‘Cause I’m très thrilled that after saying Ms. Swift and the footballer were absolutely par-fait for each other, the twosome finally seemed to have caught on and are rumored to have hit the town together. Tim might be a bit too goody-goody for Taylor’s liking, but I happen to think they will have plenty in common.

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